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We offer never fired ammunition from military surplus

We also offer reloading components, click the link above to view our inventory.

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FMJ Ball

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API  (Armor Piercing Incendiary)
with surplus never fired brass
 - 639gr.

 10 rnds.......$3.99/rnd Add to cart
 100 rnds.....$2.95/rnd Add to cart
  100 rnds LINKED.......$3.20/rnd Add to cart
 1000 rnds...$2.80/rnd Add to cart

Email for larger quantities


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Tracer with surplus never fired brass - 632gr.

10 rnds.......$4.20/rnd Add to cart    
100 rnds.....$3.10/rnd Add to cart      
  100 rnds LINKED.......$3.35/rnd Add to cart
1000 rnds...$2.95/rnd Add to cart     

Email for larger quantities


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FMJ / Ball (Full Metal Jacket) Surplus 647 gr.  M33 projectiles in surplus never fired brass

10 rnds.......$4.50/rnd Add to cart
100 rnds.....$3.45/rnd Add to cart
  100 rnds LINKED.......$3.60 Add to cart
1000 rnds...$3.30/rnd Add to cart

Email for larger quantities


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Dummy Rounds

may or may not have spent primer

10 for $23

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