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50 BMG Ammunition
Your source for .50 cal ammo


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at fallmart@hotmail.com

Our physical address is:

50 BMG Supply

1311 Gross Ave NE

Canton, OH 44705

Due to 99.9% of our phone calls being telemarketers who fill our answering machine faster than we can clear it, we have decided to remove our land line.  Please place orders online for fastest service or email us with a call back number if you would prefer to place an order by phone, and remit any questions to our technical staff at fallmart@hotmail.com  If you wish to "pick up" your order rather than have it shipped, please email us so that we can be sure to have your items in stock and ready for you when you arrive.  Our store hours are 9am-5pm.  We do not offer factory tours of the production areas.  Thank you.





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