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Gun Cases / Holsters

Brigade GunLeather- Holsters, Leather Gun Holsters, Accessories
Holsters, leather gun holsters & accessories

Case Place, The - Gun cases, camera, archery and more

Covert Carrier - Allows the user to carry a handgun IWB, without a holster, case or pouch

Gunners Alley - Gun holsters and shooting accessories at discounted prices

Haugen Handgun Leather

Holster Solutions - Complete line of custom holsters for the professional and armed citizen

Kirkpatrick Leather Company

Kramer Handgun Leather - Concealment holsters and gun belts

Northwest Security Products

Straightshot Shooting - Full line of Bagmaster range bags, tactical cases, Pro-Shooter’s bags, holsters, etc.

Versa Mount - Unique conceal carry lock box for handguns and other valuables

WRB - Featuring gun cases, concealment holsters, range bags, shooting bags...

NFA Related

Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc (DPMS)

Knob Creek Gun Range

Valkyrie Arms

Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Recreation

Belay And Repel - Mountain and rock climbing outfitters

Big game hunting, white water rafting trips, fishing charters and summer horse pack vacations. Arrange and book outdoor adventures in Canada, Alaska and the Western United States. Our service is free to our clients.

Hunting, Fishermen, Soldiers and anyone who demands the very best in camouflage clothing. Camo that Kills!

Huntfish.net - Hunting, fishing, and other sporting links

Hunting101 - A place where you can learn about hunting and the animals hunted. Big and small game, downloads and more

Hunting Circle - Online hunting community. Information on deer, turkey, elk, waterfowl and more. Read articles or write your own. Free monthly gear giveaway. Read news, recipes or visit our vast forums. Find hunting vacations for you or your family.

Hunting Net - Everything related to hunting

Hunting Pro - Hunting info, laws and more

Outdoor Recreation Plus - Fishing & Camping Equipment

Pyrodex - The muzzle loading propellant


Organizations & Associations

American Firearm Page
American Firearm Page

Fifty Caliber Shooters Association

Hunter's Shooting Association - Advanced field marksmanship for hunters

Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed (KC3)


9MM processed brass

M.D. Smith's Reloading Pages

Message Boards / Chat Rooms

Big Jim's Machinegun Sanctuary Ad-Board

Dalphon - Military weapons sales board

Glock Talk

HK94.com Forums

North American Gunrunners MSN group

Sturmgewehr Assault Rifle and NFA Forums

Subguns Forums

Class 3 NFA and Semi Auto FREE weapons forum for buying and selling weapons and accessories including firearm discussions


4Mags-N-Things - Magazines, Mag Loaders, Scopes, Laser Grips and gun accessories

Ammoclip.com - We have the broadest on-line and in-stock retail collection of magazines for handguns and rifles.

Clips 'N' Stuff

Information & Directories

Americas Gun Shows - Gun show directory with a search for local gun shows in your area

Areguns.com - Shooters reviews, searchable guns database containing pictures, specs and prices, and a wide variety of other firearms information

Bill St. Clair - Lots of links to shooting related subjects and other misc. interests

E-Military Manuals - Military manuals, war and world history, survival, top secret and hard-to-get information on auto loading CD ROM

The Gun Guy - Links & Information

GunLinks - Database for gun related links

The Gun Room - A classified listing of firearms & related information

GunShop - Guns for sale listings, and other general information

Gun Show Books - Gun books, and other titles for those who value freedom

Internet Shooting Directory
Internet Shooting Directory

R.K.B.A.net Web Page

R.K.B.A.org - A wealth of information regarding arms rights and liberty

Romanian Kalashnikov - Site dedicated to helping those interested in owning and operating Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles

Shotgun News
Shotgun News Magazine - The worlds largest gun sales publication


Everything dealing with the 1919, pictures, message boards, info, and links

Apacheria Traders

Class Three Supply - Firearms dealer, class 2 mfg., class 3 dealer, Importer...

DFW Arms - Large selection of firearms - modern & collectable

Glockmeister - All models of glocks & accessories

Guns Unlimited - Gun and gun related ad listings

M-1911 Pistols Homepage


Nor-Cal Precision

Firearm Accessories

100 Straight Products

Aftermarket Innovations - Home of the "Accurizer"

Applied Laser.com
Applied Laser, Laser Sights

ArmsCote - BoreCote Banner
ArmsCote & BoreCote

Attack! OpGear - Supplier of tactical gear, climbing gear, rifle slings, rappelling equipment and more

AWC Systems Technology - Suppressors and other accessories

Bang Corporation - First in dry fire laser firearms training

Big Boy Gun Toys - Shooting accessories, benches, maintenance, reloading, etc.

BioVault Gun Safes - Finger print identification gun safes

BMGParts.com - Collectable and hard to find BMG parts and accessories

Bright Sights - High visibility gun sight coatings

Buffalo Brothers - Cowboy guns, accessories, and other related items

Bullite Training System - Dry fire training marksmanship training laser bullets

Chestnut Ridge Supply - Online catalog of top quality military gun parts, ammunition, and accessories.

David Wade Harris - Firearms engraving

Down Range Tactical - Tactical Gear, Police Equipments & Military Supplies

Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Glockmeister - All models of glocks & accessories

Glock Parts - Glock parts and accessories

Gun Accessory Supply, Inc. - Gungoodies.com

Gun Gear - D & S Enterprise

Lippman Enterprises - Shooting accessories & more

Magloader - A magazine loader for pistols from .32 through .45 ACP

Moly-Fusion - Brand new chemistry for increasing performance and increased life of performance of firearms and other high-tech tools

OPS Inc. - Muzzle brakes and silencers

Outdoor Specialties - A wide variety of tactical equipment

Red Star Arms
Red Star Arms - Manufacturer of gun parts

S.K. Industries - Laser Aiming Systems

Shooters Solutions - Supplying high quality metal and "furniture" finishing, lubricating, and protective needs for the shooter and firearms owner

Shooting Glasses Guide - Guide to shooting glasses, and how to select the best pair for your needs

Silencio - Hearing protection, safety glasses, gun cleaning, and other misc. items


American Made Safes

Tactical Intervention - training and equipment for precision long range shooters

Tactical Parts - Tactical rifle gear, A.R.M.S. mounts, rails, risers and rings, PRI products, Aimpoint scopes and Crimson Trace Lasergrips for handguns.

Firearm Manufacturers

Barrett Firearms - The place to go if your looking for a 50 cal. rifle

Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc (DPMS)

The AK Site
Kalashnikov AK - Info and pictures of the AK 47/74

Ammo & Bullet Manufacturers

Accurate Muzzleloading - Barnes, Hornady, Thompson Center and Precision Rifle muzzle loading bullets

Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor)

Barnaul Ammunition

Barnaul Ammunition - Official site

Barnes Bullets

CAVIM - Venezuelan Arms & Explosives Company

CBC/Magtech - Manufactures military and commercial ammo, and also firearms

Fray Luis Beltrán - Argentina

Hirtenberger Cartridge Company

Israel Military Industries (I.M.I.) - Small arms ammunition

MFS - Hungarian ammunition manufacturer

Mid-Kansas Cast Bullets

Ordnance Factory Board - India

Poongsan Defense - Korean Ammunition

Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP)

PYRKAL / HXP - Greek Ammunition

R & P Muzzleloading - The Dead Center, QT .40s, and Extreme bullets

Remington Ammunition

Sellier & Bellot

Smith & Wesson

Speer bullets and ammunition

Talon Manufacturing Co.

Winchester Ammunition

Wolf Performance Ammunition

Scopes & Optics

American Technologies Network Corp. - Scopes, Night Vision, and other items

Hunting Optics for the Outdoors - Scopes, binoculars, night vision, GPS...

Man's Toys - Night vision scopes, binoculars, goggles, day-night riflescopes, red dot sights and daytime hunting optics

Mueller Optics - Red dot sport scopes


The Blade Shop - Top brand knives such as: Benchmade, Buck, and Kershaw.

Discount Supply Unlimited - Buck knives, Schrade knives, Case knives, and Damascus blade knives

eBladestore.com - Large selection of knives and accessories

Please Visit Extremely Sharp
Extremely-Sharp.com - Swords, Knives, Crossbows, Blowguns, Martial Arts equipment, and more.

Knife Country, USA - Online Retailer of Hunting Knives, Fishing Knives, Camping Knives and Kitchen Cutlery.

Knife Outlet - Knives, Swords, Kitchen Cutlery, Sharpeners, and more


Front Sight Firearm Training Courses - Get world-class firearm training plus street-smart self-defense and knife courses at Front Sight. The world's premier and largest resort dedicated exclusively to providing you and your family with specialized training courses in self-defense and personal safety

ISI Training Center
ISI Training Center - Advanced Tactical Counter Terrorism Training

Self Defense Firearms Training
Self Defense Firearms Training

Steel Rain - Shooting range, training, and machinegun rentals

Texas Concealed Handgun - Training classes for carrying a concealed handgun

The Trainers Directory - A free resource for people who are seeking firearms training

Home / Personal Protection

Buy-Pepper-Spray-Today.com - Affordable pepper spray to protect your loved ones.

BH Safety - Pepper spray, stun gun, home security, child protection, & free information

Emergency Preparedness Gear - Survival kits, food supplies, gas masks and more

Patriot Security Products - Pepper spray, stun guns, and home protection

Pepper Spray Inc. - Pepper spray, stun guns, air tasers, home protection and more

Personal Protection Products - Tasers, stun guns, pepper spray, and personal alarms

Rapid Alarm and Security Corp. - Alarm systems and a variety of safes

Safety Defense.net - Home security, hidden cameras, pepper spray, surveillance equipment, stun guns...

Security and Safety Supply - Self defense, hidden cameras, tactical gear, night vision and more

Self Defense Security Products - Pepper spray, stun gun, taser, mace, personal alarms...

Stun Gloves - New unique stun gun in a glove, self-defense that’s completely concealed and effective

Upstate Safety Products - stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers and more

Firearm Related

1 Stop BB Gun - BB guns, pellet guns, and accessories

Air Guns HQ - Your online source for air guns

BulletProofME.com - Brand-name bullet proof vests and body armor accessories at discounted prices

Buy Airsoft Gun:- Buy Cheap Electric Airsoft Gun, Pistols, Rifles, Shortguns & Accessories. Your online source for information about airsoft guns, rifles, pistols & shotgun.

Cobra Air guns - We carry Crosman, Benjamin, Sheridan, Beeman, Daisy, RWS, Walther, Gamo, Rifles, Pistols, Youth air guns and Adult Precision air guns. Large selection at great prices

Gun Show Auction.com - Auction listings for firearms and other related accessories

Guns -n- Babes

Heavy Metal Software - Shooting related software programs

Koliga Replica Weapons

MBI Guns - Gun transfers, located near San Francisco, California

Memorable Places - Web page design and other gun related sites

Military Supply Line - Huge inventory of quality military surplus, knives, paintball, hunting, camping & survival supplies

Recreational Software, Inc. - Ballistics Software

SurvivalOps - Tannerite exploding targets, survival signal crackers and more

BattleRifles.com Banner Trade - 1000 Free exposures!









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